Baby Tracker (Feed timer, sleep, diaper log) App Reviews

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New mom lifesaver!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this app! As a new mom I thought I had done all the research but then you get home with your newborn and youre exhausted and you feel like you got hit by a truck and youre so over the moon in love with your baby that you are just a big pile of mush and you cant remember a stinking thing. Being able to track exact feeding start times and duration, numbers of wet or dirty diapers, babys sleep schedule, etc helped me keep my sanity and follow the Babywise schedule which had us both sleeping peacefully at night by the second week at home. We had latch issues so my babe lost a little too much weight the first week, and being able to show my pediatrician this app she was able to offer a few suggestions that helped immensely! I recommend this for every first time mom!

Great app!

Ive used the app for 3 months and love it. It has a timer for nursing, which some other apps didnt, and helps me decipher my babys needs. Otherwise Id have no idea how long itd been since a feeding or his last nap. Thanks for adding some structure to our new parenting!

Useful app

Its a good app but its lacking the ability to access other features (cannot go in and adjust diaper changes or sleep time while in the nursing time mode).

Great app!

Love this app! So helpful for a tired mama!!!

So far, I love this app

So far, this app has been great. I am only using the pumping schedule because my son is not yet home, hes in the NICU, and I am not able to use the other features yet. But I love how I can look at the daily total amount pumped and see the different pump times. Makes it easy to go back and check trends. I believe a great add to the pumping schedule would be if the amount pumped could be summed; like having a calculator for the amount pumped. I pump both breasts simultaneously and if two of the containers fill up, it would be easier to be able to add the amount right on the app. Thanks for a great app!


Flat out awful. Doesnt sync between two people. Good for single parents only. Dont waste your money.

So helpful!

We love this app! So helpful in tracking newborn activity... Especially when youre too tired to remember things!

So convenient

THE most helpful tool for new moms!

They thought of everything!

I love that others who care for our baby can put in data and we all use one app. Brilliant!

Easy to Use

Great app for first-time mom. Use it to track feedings mainly.

Fantastic app!

I have never written a review before but I am so impressed and appreciative of this app that I had to. The interface is sleep-deprived user friendly with enough options to accurately track your baby including which side he/she nurses, pump time, and type of dirty diapers. My husband and I also use the sync mode since he deals with the diapers. This is seamless! This app has helped me keep tabs on when to plan/expect the next breast feeding session and I believe been a huge factor in helping our baby gain weight quickly after leaving the hospital. Thank you to the team who put this app together!


Great app, easy to use and keep track of all things important to baby. I wish you could have one account and access it from different phones. For example my husband and mother have been helping me for the first two months and it would be helpful it they could input the data themselves from their own devices. I love the functionality and graphing, helps to establish trends and patterns to guide a routine. Dont really understand what gained from upgrading the app, the basic free version is sufficient. All in all makes keeping track easy even when youre extremely sleep deprived.

Most helpful app

This app rivals Facebook for my favorite, most-used app on my phone. I was terrible about writing down everything in a journal and had all but given up until I found this app after a particularly bad day of non-stop crying. Now I can keep him on more of a schedule and have a better idea about whats wrong when he cries. What I like about it is not only can I track eating and sleeping times, but I can add in variables and notes such as when he spits up and how much, or the last time he got a bath. They even add up how much time he slept and how many ounces he ate that day, so it takes the guesswork out of everything. Im sure our next visit to the pediatrician will have better conversations since I can now offer more detailed information.

Love it!

I use this all day everyday. Love seeing how much Im Breastfeeding and which side Im on. Super helpful.

Great app

This app is very useful to track my babys feedings and diaper actions!

Love! Love! Love!

Didnt know if I was going to like it at first. Downloaded it with a few others and it was the only one that I could work with. User friendly, and doesnt ask for money after setup like some. I would consider buying the full version after trying!


Perfect for this stay at home dad. A must have

First time parents

Our newborn had lost some weight after going home. The doctor put us on a strict feeding and pumping routine. This app was amazing for tracking all that info! Highly recommend.


You wont regret it

Use the free version

This use to be an awesome app until it started NOT to log how much I was pumping. I would I put the info then the next time I open the app its gone. I emailed them about this several times & because Im an exhausted mommy they said I probably never input it to begin with. So I took screen shots to prove I did put the info in the app. Also every device that was synced had different information on it. Like I said, I emailed customer support several times & nothing was done to fix the issue.. I bought this app too, Im not using the free version.. Waste of money since its incorrect all of the time

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