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Super easy to keep track of when I pump and can see totals... Yay!

Best free tracker, simple to use

No ads.

Best app, best support!

Absolutely best app and best support ever, I couldnt be any happier about it! Thanks!

Great App!

Awesome application especially for breastfeeding moms like me. :)

Awesome & easy to use

Very user-friendly with all the features you would need to be able to keep track of your newborn. Much easier than carrying a notepad around or those sheets they give you at the hospital


You wont regret it

Love! Love! Love!

Didnt know if I was going to like it at first. Downloaded it with a few others and it was the only one that I could work with. User friendly, and doesnt ask for money after setup like some. I would consider buying the full version after trying!

Great app

This app is very useful to track my babys feedings and diaper actions!


Great app, easy to use and keep track of all things important to baby. I wish you could have one account and access it from different phones. For example my husband and mother have been helping me for the first two months and it would be helpful it they could input the data themselves from their own devices. I love the functionality and graphing, helps to establish trends and patterns to guide a routine. Dont really understand what gained from upgrading the app, the basic free version is sufficient. All in all makes keeping track easy even when youre extremely sleep deprived.

Best one out there

I downloaded several apps to test before the baby came, this one is the easiest. I upgraded and love all the charts too! I do wish there was an option to add other things to track though.

Very useful!

We love this app! Our baby arrived a month early, so we have a lot of doctors appointments. They always want to know how much she is eating, how many poopy diapers, etc. We always have this data ready to go. We love that we can both enter it on our own phones and then sync them. We dont have to explain to each other what we did while the other one was out, or sleeping. I cant figure out where it gets the info for our pumped milk surplus (it says I had a surplus after we ran out), but we really didnt use that feature anyway. We love that you can chose measurement units. I also use it to track my own medicine. Ive recommended this app to all my pregnant friends, and would recommend it to you, too! It is very helpful when you are so sleep deprived you cant think straight!

Great app and very easy to use

Really intuitive app that allows great tracking. Allows one to edit the exact time and duration of feedings, weight, diapers, etc. Highly recommended!

Best one I have found!

Easy to use and so helpful! Wish I had gotten before my LO was 3 months! Recommend to all my new mommy friends!

Great app

Fantastic app


Great app; easy to use. As a first time dad on paternity leave, keeping an accurate log of activity with this app is super easy

Simple and complete

Theres nothing missing in this app. Easy to input, to edit and to track.

Love it!

I use the Baby Tracker all day, everyday. My little guy is under weight, so this has helped me keep track of when hes eating and how much he eating. I love that Im also able to track milestones and different activities. The only thing I would add or change would be the ability to add or remove different items on the home screen. Im not able to breastfeed, so the pumping section is useless to me.


This app is so helpful I cant say enough. Super nice when my infant was sick and it allowed me to record her temps and meds given. Useful as an every day app as well to track wet diapers, time slept, etc. and VERY easy to use.

Great App

Overall a great app and the free version hits all of my needs. It is great for the hospital stay. They ask you to remember a lot of details and to be able to just put it in the app is amazing!

Highly recommend!

The best app for a mom to raise her newborn baby! Very happy :)

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